This is our menu, our schedule is posted under the “Schedule” tab so make sure you check that out so you know where we are:)

(1) This is Ady’s homemade falafe, made with mashed chickpeas, fava beans,, and a special spice mix. Wrapped in Pita bread; topped with Tahini sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, and some spicy pickles; also served with hummus. $8.00

(2) This is Mount Lebanon Kabab made with tender beef cutlets marinated in special peppers mix. Topped with parsley, onion, sumac, served with hummus and Pita bread.$10.00

(3) This is our Cedars Libani Chicken Shawarma, it is made of tender chicken meat marinated in special spices and vinegar. Wrapped in Pita bread, topped with gralic sauce and Lebanese pickles.$9.00
(4) This is Rim’s Tawook, it is grilled chicken kabab; marinated in our special spices, grilled with mushrooms and topped with garlic sauce; wrapped in Pita bread.$9.00

(5) This is Lebanese Sausage and cheese, it is made of ground beef with tomatoes, spices, garlic Mozzarella cheese, pickles, mayonnaise and more tomatoes. $10.00

(6) Tabouli, made of parsley, lemon juice, tomatoes, mint, onions, salt and pepper. $5.00

(7) Knefe is made of cheese, flour, sugar, and lemon. $5.00

(8) Hummus and sausage, made of garbanzo beans, garlic, tahini sauce and lemon juice, and some beef. $10.00